Bacon in Pancakes, sadly not as popular as Chicken and Waffles

Old school advertising was the best. If I could find a full size print of the above ad it would be on my wall in a heartbeat. I love it for a few reasons. First, Iowa is proudly represented in the ad (home of the best bacon). Second, there’s bacon. Lastly, it features pancakes, bacon’s best partner in crime.

I found this gem on Reddit, the site that loves bacon anything, and I noticed that one of the commenters made a profound statement, “%&#@ chicken and waffles, I want bacon and pancakes”.

That guy just hit the nail on the head. Why don’t I see more places serving bacon and pancakes, where the bacon is in the pancake? I understand that chicken and waffles is some kind of breakfast/dinner dish created by the Pennsylvania Dutch, the people the brought us Scrapple. But why is it more popular than what’s featured in the ad above? I have eaten bacon and pancakes for dinner before. Also, why didn’t my mom not make that when I was kid? And why is the Grand Slam at Denny’s missing these?

I have so many questions that will never be answered. Luckily there is a recipe online so you can make them at home. Maybe we can’t fix the wrong that history has giving us and make Bacon in pancakes (yes I just dropped the “and” in favor of “in”) the most popular breakfast/dinner combo ever! Who’s with me?