Bacon and Pig Butcher Diagram Pint Glasses

If you’re an avid reader of my blog you will quickly realize that I love bacon and good beer. This is why I got excited when I saw a blog post on “Theories of Bacon” about a Bacon Pint Glass. When I checked out the Etsy link I also noticed they make a Pig Butcher Diagram Pint Glass!

The glasses are made by Beth B., who loves the act of making things and I guess bacon. She sandblasted the images onto the pint glass, which means it should never fade or wear away. You can buy them from her Etsy store and if you buy more than one she will even give you a better price on shipping (which is kind of high).

Like most bacon related crafts the price is a little high at $10 per glass. But where else are you going to find a bacon pint glass? Also, depending on the quality of the glass the price could be justified.

Next pay I may order a set of these to enjoy my favorite IPA out of this summer. I wonder if I buy 3 of each if I could get a bulk discount?