Watch a man eat a triple Baconator without messing up his shirt

The following is a video of an amazing feat, a man consuming a whole triple Baconator from Wendy’s without making a single stain on his shirt. The video is a little over 4 minutes long which is also pretty impressive, I don’t think I could eat one that fast. My only complaint is that it doesn’t use the Nom nom song, but I guess people only use that for cute animals eating videos.

Now on to the stats. So the burger in the video is a Baconator that has been tripled. Which means they add three more patties to it for a total of six. Sadly, they don’t add three more layers of bacon. They say that this burger would have 2520 calories, not sure if that is true since I didn’t do the math myself.

The big question that is on every Bacon LIVE fan’s mind is “I wonder if Sean could eat two of these?”