Elvis Attended the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Since its Music Monday I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by to share this with you all. At this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival they started the event off with the National Anthem sung by an Elvis impersonator.

When he came out the first thought they came to mind was,”Wow, this could get offensive”. Some people don’t think it’s funny to make a joke out of our National Anthem (but I would be ok with it). Once the guy started singing I was shocked, this guy could really sing!

It was a great way to start an event to celebrate bacon. I am not sure who’s idea it was or where he came from, but I like it. And I am glad someone got it up on YouTube so everyone else could see it.

This is going to be my last post about the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival for awhile or until they have more details to share about next year’s event. Elvis has just left the building.