Donkey Tees Beings us Bacon Shirt Week

A few days ago the designer for Donkey Tees emailed me to tell me about “Bacon Shirt Week”. Starting Sunday March 21, 2010 they will be releasing a new Bacon shirt everyday for a week. That’s a lot of bacon shirts.

I will keep you posted on the new shirts via our facebook page and twitter.

They gave me a coupon code, “baconlive”, so you guys can save 15% of your orders. When you use that code we get credit for the sale which helps support our bacon addiction.

Some of the shirt slogans are:

  • Edward Bacon Hands
  • BYOB – Bring Your Own Bacon
  • Bacon is the new black
  • I bacon heard bacon
  • The creation of bacon

Just to give you a little back story on Donkey Tees, they started in Cincinnati, OH in 2005 as a retail store selling funny shirts. In 2007 they begin selling online to the world and now people think there’re big deals.

Bacon Shirt Week is a great way to support an independently owned, bacon loving, tee shirt shop. I always thought we needed more bacon shirts in the world. If it works out well for these guys I sure other designers are going to do the same. Then we could live in a world where we could wear a different bacon shirt everyday for a year without repeats. That’s a world I want to live in!

Note: The links to Donkey Tees in this post are affiliate links. When you click on them and buy something we will get $5 for the sale and you save 15%. I am telling you this just in case you want to be a jerk and not use the links or coupon code. Also, we are transparent bloggers and we like for you guys to know when and how we are making money. View our discloser page for more details.