Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival 2010: Recap

Now that the Blue RIbbon Bacon Festival has gained so much popularity other people have done a great job covering it. It would be redundant of me to do another recap so I am going to share some links that the Bacon Board of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival found online.

If you talked about the event and would like to be added to the post please comment or email us. I will be coving everything that I ate at this years event on Bacon LIVE Wednesday March 3 2010.

Blue Ribbon Bacon Photos

Blue Ribbon Bacon Video

The Bacon Board was worried that with the bigger venue that the event would lose something. I would just like to say, this years event was just a fun and amazing as the ones at the El Bait Shop. Yes, it did lose some of the intimacy, but it made up for it in the sheer size of the event and the amount of food that was available. Also hearing 750 bacon lovers scream “Ohhhh Bacon” is something I will not soon forget.

Watch this weeks Bacon LIVE to see and hear my full recap of the event. I am sure Sean will pull all the crispy details out of me.