Bacon LIVE: The Results of the Bacon Contest

Today on Bacon Live Sean and I picked the winners of the first ever MrBaconpants Bacon Recipe Contest. Well we had to have some help from the chatroom to pick the final winner since all of the recipes looked amazing. If you love bacon recipes then this is the episode to watch.

Now I could tell you the winner right now but I am going to make you watch the episode to find out. I guess you could also wait till tomorrow when I post the winning recipe but whats the fun in that. I will post the random winner next week. Both winners have been notified and they should expect to see their baskets in time for Easter.

Thanks again to Oscar Mayer for supplying the prizes for this contest free of charge. I would also like to thank all the “Bits” (Bacon LIVE fans) that sent in some great looking recipes. I can’t wait to do another contest for you guys in the future.

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Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer is providing the prizes for this contest at no cost to me. This contest is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by