Bacon LIVE: Sugar Tax is a Bacon Tax

On today’s show Sean and I went down a road we promised we would never go down on Bacon LIVE, politics. But this political topic was to close to bacon for comfort. The Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh is talking about the idea of a sugar tax on sugary drinks. Even fellow famous Pittsburgh bloggers are pissed about the idea.

I am not going to get in to all the deals we covered on the show but a sugar tax is a terrible idea. It would pave the way to other taxes on “unhealthy” foods like bacon. I feel that the Mayor should take a good long look at were he is spending money and make some cut backs. I will never move back to the city if they add yet another tax to the people that live, shop, and work there.

We also reviewed the last of the Burger’s Smokehouse bacon and talked about Bacon Jesus. Sean also complained about Pizza Hut ads and people on the left. Next week will be back to our normal non-political bacon fueled rants.

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