Bacon Live: Reviews and Recaps

Today’s show was packed full of content. First we reviewed some more Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon. Sean and I enjoy the “Original Country Bacon” but with both thought it was a little salty. That wouldn’t be as noticeable if we were eating it with a meal that was sugary. Second we reviewed Salted Caramel’s Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn. This stuff was like crack and we couldn’t stop eating it. Lastly I told Sean all about the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. There were 11 food items at this years event so I had a lot to cover.

Tune it next week for more Burgers’ Smokehouse reviews and maybe a bacon dip from Davis and Davis. I am also working on a few more Bacon Studio enhancements to improve the show.

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Burgers’ Smokehouse and Salted Caramel supplied the products that we reviewed on this show free of charge. This is a good thing because if we had to buy everything we reviewed on the show we would be broke. Read our disclosure policy for more information.