Bacon LIVE: Bacon Freak is a Bacon Fake

On last night’s show Sean brought up “Bacon Freak”. I usually try not to do that for two reasons, one I hate talking bad about people even if I don’t like them, and two I hate promoting his crappy bacon and website. I am sure if you read this blog a lot you will know why there is bad blood between me and Racco (owner of BF). If not the long story shorts is, he stole my content and he sells really bad bacon. He’s a sleazy sales man trying to cash in on peoples love of bacon.

A lot of fellow bacon lovers agree with me. Every time I write something about this I get emails and tweets of support. Sadly, there usually from people that got suckered in by his crappy blog to buy something form his store or fellow bloggers whose content was stolen.

Knowing this I could NEVER support anything Bacon Freak does. I have come to the conclusion that any website that supports Bacon Freak is a Bacon Fake.

I am not going to mention any names in this post but if you go to a bacon blog and see an ad for them email the author and tell them they lost your respect and that they should remove it. We need to make sure the bacon community only supports that best bacon products. Instead of buying bacon from a site like Bacon Freak buy it from companies that support real farmers and sell great products.

Check out my links page for places to buy great bacon online.

We also talked about Segways and reviewed more bacon from Burger’s Smokehouse. If you not into watching rants I would skip the first half of the show. Enjoy Bacon!

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