Bacon Infused Beer made with Furthermore’s Knot Stock and Applewood

Last week the bacon community proved once again how powerful they are on Twitter. Bocktown, a local restaurant that has an amazing beer selection, uses twitter and social media every day. When you walk in to the place they have signs reminding you to check in to foursquare and tweet your twit. They are masters at using social media to connect with their customers, so I guess it should have been no surprise that the bacon infusion was created because of twitter.

What started out as some fun chatter on twitter about bacon and beer, quickly turned in to a lively debate about if it’s possible to create bacon beer. A lot of people said no, grease and beer are not friends. If you added real bacon to beer it would kill all carbonation (which one of beers good friends). Others said you would have to make a smoked porter, but that’s been done a million times.

Luckily, Bocktown has something they call Brewser the Infuser, which is a great way to add flavors to beer. They came up with the idea of putting Applewood Chips in the infuser, then running Furthermore’s Knot Stock APA through it. They then serve it in a Bacon Salt rimmed glass.

Furthermore’s Knot Stock APA

Availability: Year-Round. ABV: 5.5%
Black, cracked, stuffed in a sack, boiled and cold-infused. The real treat of our A.P.A. is the tangle of flavors that fresh cracked pepper and Northern Brewer Hops create. At 65 IBUs there’s plenty of zing for the Hop Heads or Bitter Bettys, but not so much to overpower the tingle of the black pepper as it slowly kicks in. Likewise, the 15° Plato malt bill features a healthy dose of caramel malt meant to soften (but not stifle) the play of pepper and hops on the palate.

So now that you know about the back story and beer it’s time to talk about the taste of the bacon inspired infusion. Let me start off my saying that it tastes and smells just like bacon. The mix of pepper and smoke flavoring really tricks my brain into thinking I drinking bacon. The salt rim really adds a nice touch but I don’t think it was necessary. They also added a little sugar to the rim to help cut through the savory flavors.

The beer was highly drinkable since it was all nicely balanced. A lot of times I find smoked beers to overdo it in the smoke department. I think since this flavor was added in the infuser it made the flavor mild.

I really hope Bocktown brings this one back for another run in Brewser the Infuser. Also since no real bacon was used in the making of this beer its vegetarian friendly. Yes, this is one of the few times that even veg heads can enjoy something bacon related.