Woxy, the future of good music online

This week’s Music Monday is not a band but an internet radio station called Woxy. When Sirius XM started charging ungodly amounts of money to stream what you already pay 12.99 /mo. for, I started looking for cheaper/free alternatives. This is when I found Woxy.com, the future of rock and roll.

I tried listening to Pandora and Last.fm but something was missing from their streams, a DJ. Call me old fashioned but I enjoy the soothing voice of DJ telling me what I am listening too. I also like to hear their insights on the bands and any current music news they feel important enough to share. I like the human/semi-human touch of terrestrial and satellite radio.

Woxy fills my thirst for indie rock and a live DJ really well. I think it has something to do with their history. Woxy started out on the FM dial in Cincinnati Ohio, and then took the big leap to be online only once there stream was being listen to all over the world. This is why they have a radio feel to their online stream. I know other streaming stations have a DJ but there is just something different about these guys.

The music they play is a nice mix of indie rock, new and old alterative, and whatever else the DJs find lying around. For example in one day of listen to the station I heard Garbage’s Stupid Girl and the new track from the New Pornographers off a cd that’s not even out yet. There is something here for everyone and I think that’s way they hung around so long.

Check out there about page and you can learn all about the crazy history of the station and its ambitious beginnings. Woxy is ahead of its time and once broadband accesses in more accessible they will give terrestrial and satellite radio stations a run for their money.

Please support these guys so they can make it to that day. Since they now have an iPhone app and a few streaming bit rates it shouldn’t be that hard for you to add them to you list of music to listen too. When you get sick of Pandora’s robot music picker thingy, turn to the humans a Woxy.com. They know good music and they are the future of rock and roll.