Stem Cell Research is Making Bacon

It was brought to my attention by a reader who calls himself Matt Moo, that they can now grow pork in a petri dish. They take pig stem cells and turn them into strips of meat (do that mean bacon?). The scientists hope to one day use this technique to offer alternatives to raising livestock and help end world hunger.

I am all for stem cell research but has this gone too far? Would bacon that was grown in a petri dish still taste like bacon?

None of the researchers have actually eaten the lab-made meat yet, but (Mark) Post (a biologist at Maastricht University) said the lower protein content means it probably wouldn’t taste anything like pork.

Well I guess that answers that question.

I don’t think I am ready to live in a world without pig farmers. Call me old fashioned but I like my pork to come from a pig, not a Petri dish. Save the stem cell search for finding cures for diseases and keep it off my dinner table.

Any meat eater knows that meat tastes different depending on the life experience that animal had before it was killed. For example, when a hunter shoots a deer that was living near a farm the meat will taste less “gamey” then if they shoot a deer that was living in the woods (based on its diet). The same goes for pigs. A happy pig makes better bacon, and to be a happy pig that pig would need to exist.

Thankfully right now we don’t need fight this battle. Growing meat in an industrial scale is still a long way off. Who knows maybe when it’s finally here my opinions about it will change, but right now I have to say no to Petri Dish Bacon

[via Yahoo News]