Shaun White deservers a golden strip of bacon

I hope as many people as possible watched Shaun White last night in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Just after seeing is qualifying run I was impressed. He made the snowboards who went before him look amateur, and I am not trying to rip on the other competitors. There were some other great runs that night, but Shaun is on another level.

To keep with my Olympic tradition of writing a post about the top athlete, I was going to try and figure out how many BLT’s Shaun White could eat. I did the same thing for Michel Phelps back in 2008. Sadly there is no information to be found on Shaun’s diet. Even if there was, I can’t see him being able to consume 10,000 calories per day, snowboarders need to stay light. On top of that snowboarding for 120 mins burns less than 1,200 calories.

That means the Shaun White could only consume a normal amount of bacon on any giving day. With that said how should the bacon community honor this snowboarding world champion?

  • Bacon Shaped Snowboard – That would be kind cool, in fact someone should make one of those ASAP.
  • A strip of bacon dipped in Gold – As awesome as that would look, I would hate to render a strip of bacon uneatable by dipping it in gold.
  • Bacon Bandana – I see lot of snowboarder sporting a bandana when there’re in the pipe.
  • Watching someone eat 20 BLTs – Since he couldn’t do it and still be the snowboarding champion, would he get enjoyment out of someone else doing it?
  • Bacon Snow Pants – I could make a pair of snow pants that look like the pants I wear. We could call him Mr. BaconSnowpants. It sounds lot better than the Flying Tomato.

If you think of anything else please let us know via a comment. Better yet, if someone one can find out how many calories he consumes when he is training I can let you know how many BLT’s he could eat. Someone has to know.