Rachael Ray Magazine tries to Review Bacon

Over the weekend my inbox exploded with emails about a story that posted on Yahoo about bacon. It seems the people at Rachael Ray Magazine think they can review bacon better than I can. They’re lucky there is not a pork blogger union, if there was I would be talking to my steward right about now.

I am going to go down Rachael Ray’s list of “top” bacon and give you my 2 cents on them. I was surprised to find out that I do agree with a few of them on the list.

Rachael Ray’s Top Bacon Picks:

  • BEST ORIGINAL: Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked and Peppered Bacon
    I do enjoy hickory smoked and peppered bacon but I wouldn’t call the combination of the two the best original bacon. I think Sean and Dogfish Head Brewery (they used the bacon I will soon mention in their pork dinner) would agree when I say Mountain Products Smokehouse Maple-Cinnamon bacon is the best original flavor. I blew our minds when we first tried it and we still talk about it to this day.
  • BEST THICK-CUT: Jimmy Dean Thick Slice Premium Bacon
    Any bacon lover knows Jimmy Dean’s bacon is not something to put on a best of list. Its usually a fatty flavor injected mess. Now I haven’t tried there “thick sliced” bacon but I am sure it’s just like their normal variety. I would have picked Oscar Mayer’s Applewood Super Thickcut Bacon for this category.
  • BEST TURKEY: Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon
    This just proves that the writers at Rachael Ray Mag are NOT bacon lovers. True bacon lovers would not waste their time with turkey bacon. I guess I should be happy they didn’t put veggie bacon on the list. Veggie bacon is more offensive to me then someone calling me a vegan lover.
  • BEST SWEET: Beeler’s Uncured Apple-Cinnamon Bacon
    Ok, I can agree with this one Ms. Ray. Beeler’s is known for making some great bacon and I am sure their Apple-Cinnamon Bacon is top notch. I am going to have to add this bacon to my must review ASAP list.
  • BEST ODDBALL: Mountain Products Smokehouse Chipotle Southwest Smoked Bacon
    Wow! It looks like they did their homework for at least one category. Sean and I both enjoy this bacon when we had it and it was a great oddball flavor. I am impressed that they knew about Mountain Products Smokehouse, but now it opens up a lot of questions about how their Maple-Cinnamon bacon didn’t win best original. Maybe they didn’t want them to steal all the glory by winning two categories.

I would like to thank the writers at Rachael “I kinda know a little about bacon” Ray Magazine for putting some great bacon in the spot light. Next time though, please consult with an expert before you start claiming you know what the best bacon is.

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