Hot Chip – ‘One Pure Thought’

This week’s Music Monday band is Hip Chip with there single “One Pure Thought”. I have talked about this band a few times before. If you haven’t checked them out yet now would be a good time.

Yes I know it’s dance music, but if you eat a lot of bacon dancing helps keep you healthy.

Directed by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle | Produced by Trunk

Hot Chip is a Grammy-nominated British electro-dance-have to move your feet-pop band. They have released four studio albums—Coming on Strong, The Warning, Made in the Dark and One Life Stand.

The song ‘One Pure Thought’ was a single of their 2008 album ‘Made in the Dark’. I found the cd great to listen to when your having a party with people that like to dance. I did find that after a few listens I kelt thinking I was in a young adult fashions store, so I stopped listen to it alone. This is a party only album, no exceptions.

More Information: Website | MySpace | YouTube | PitchFork | Lala