Clay Pipe Brewing’s Hop-Ocalypse IPA

This week’s Thirsty Thursday brew is Clay Pipe Brewing’s Hop-Ocalypse IPA. This beer came to mind since everyone was talking about Snowmageddon this past week (armageddon, apocalypse there kind of similar). I was surprised to find out that Clay Pipe is located in Westminster, Maryland. The same town I was born in!

Hop-Ocalypse IPA

A hophead’s session beer! Whether you can pronounce it or not, you’ll love the distinctive flavor and easy drinking nature.

Alcohol: 5.8 % v/v | Color: Copper (~10.0 SRM) | Bitterness: High – 58 IBU

Ingredients: 2-Row Malted Barley, 20 lovibond Munich Malt, 60 lovibond Caramel Malt, Filtered Water, American, English & German Hops, Ale Yeast.

It’s been almost two years since I had this beer so I really can’t remember details. All I do remember is it was a really good IPA. The next time I see it somewhere I am going to have to give it another try. For some reason I keep thinking it reminded me of Big Hop, but that could because I am having a Big Hop dry spell. After this snow melt I will need to make a trip out to a Growler Hour.

For more information about this beer check out the Clay Pipe website and Beer Advocate.