Bacon LIVE: Not giving up Bacon for Lent

Today on Bacon LIVE Sean and I reviewed the first batch of Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon. We both thought it was really good and I was impressed with how lean the bacon was. Watch the show for the full review.

Luckily we are not Catholic so we can continue to review bacon during Lent. As for @iscoolerthanyou, he will not be eating bacon anytime soon, he give it up for Lent. Sean and I couldn’t believe it. This is the same guy that won the Wendy’s bacon twitter contest! I don’t think I could make it if I give up bacon.

How many other bacon lovers gave up bacon for Lent? Maybe you guys could get a support group together. If not were going to have a lot of frustrated bacon lovers on our hands over the next few weeks.

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Burgers’ Smokehouse supplied the bacon that we reviewed on this show free of charge. This is a good thing because if we had to buy everything we reviewed on the show we would be broke. Read our disclosure policy for more information.