Bacon LIVE: Canceled do to Snowmaggedon 2010

Usually I would be posting show notes for today’s Bacon LIVE but do to Snowmaggedon or #SnOMG (what the twitter kids have been calling it) we had to cancel. Sean was not able to make it to my house to record the show and I thought doing it solo would not be as fun. Plus, I needed to relax after having to shovel out my car for the second time.

Bellow is a video made by what looks like some Burgh Bros showing what the city looked like after the first big hit of snow. The show was canceled because we got another 6 inches on top of the mess we already had.

I guess we are lucky compared to what our friends closer to DC got. Who knows when they will be dig out. Let’s how its after Tax season.

Next week Sean and I will be reviewing Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon. Some how the mail-person didn’t “miss place it” in the snow. Be sure to tune in next week at Wednesday 7pm ET.