Avi Buffalo – “What’s In It For”

Today’s Music Monday band is one that I found while I was listing to Sirius XMU. Their name is Avi Buffalo with their first single off of Sub Pop Records “What’s In It For”. The reason this song stuck with me is because in the second verse Avi says “your lips are like two little pieces of bacon”. I can get behind a band that can make a bacon reference in a love song; that takes skills.

Below you will find a video and mp3 of the song. I suggest you listen to the mp3 first since that is the polished studio version of the song. The video is of Avi Buffalo playing the song in someone’s apartment. I thought it was neat to see him playing the lead melody and singing at the same time (I couldn’t do that).

Avi Buffalo – “What’s In It For”

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Avi Buffalo was started in Long Beach by a kid named Avi who gave up skateboarding for the guitar. He found a few local blues guys to teach him the basics and then started recording his bluesy pop songs. After a while it kind of turned into a band and they got signed by Sub Pop.

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