Top 10 Bacon Posts in 2009

Since it’s that start of a new year I thought it would be fun to see what my top 10 post were for 2009. Even before I checked Google Analytics I had a good idea what I would see on this list, but a few surprised me. To be honest there were a few posts on the list that I forgot I even wrote (back in 2007), getting old sucks.

  1. The Kevin Bacon Movie List
  2. The Official Bacon Photo Contestwinners
  3. The Ultimate BLT Recipe
  4. Bacon Lovers Gift Guide
  5. Brooklyn Brewery’s Bacon Beer
  6. Bacon Scented Perfume for Women
  7. Strange Things with Bacon
  8. T-Shirt for Bacon Lovers
  9. Uncle Oinkers Bacon Mints
  10. Warnings About the Baconator

I can’t believe my post on Kevin Bacon movies in my top post. It’s hard me to face the fact that Kevin Bacon maybe more popular then bacon. In 2010 we need to fix this.