Pregnant Women Need to Eat More Bacon

In a story published by the Daily Mail in the UK, it has been reported that pregnant women that eat bacon produce smarter offspring. Now I know what you thinking, “I thought prego women should stay away from nitrites”. Well, every true bacon lover knows you can buy it nitrite free, and soon all pregnant women will know this too.

The brain enhancing nutrient in our favorite meat is something called choline, which is a water-soluble essential nutrient. Scientists at the University of North Carolina say it helps babies in the womb develop brains that are better with memory and recall.

Dr Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of the journal that published the research told The Telegraph: ‘We may never be able to call bacon a health food with a straight face, but [similar studies] are already making us rethink what we consider healthy and unhealthy. (read the whole story)

I believe the other studies he is talking about are the ones I’ve covered before. Where eating bacon was healthier than ice cream and it saving your life in a heart attack.

With new laws in California being passed to control what we can and cannot eat I am thankful for studies like this. If bans on certain foods become popular with the masses we can fight back with science and tell them to let us keep our beloved pork belly.

They may take our lives but they can never take our bacon!