Passion Pit – The Reeling

This week’s “Music Monday” video is Passion Pit with there hit song The Reeling. This isn’t the first time I talked about Passion Pit, last year I wrote a post about their first EP “Chunk of Change”. Well this song (The Reeling) is off their new LP “Manors”. It’s been out for a while and I would suggest you pick it up if you want to dance your legs off.

Passion Pit is an American electronic band that formed in 2007 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. It started out as a side project on a laptop and has turned in to a fulltime project with a live band. The original goal of the project was to write songs to a girl friend as a Valentine’s Day present. Sadly for Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit founder, the girl friend didn’t stick around. Lucky for us the band did!

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