Spicy Candied Bacon Opens the Door to Endless Flavor Country

Chili_PowderOur friends at Serious Eats posted a bacon recipe last month that slipped past my radar. Luckily Aaron from I <3 Bacon Salt bought it to my attention. The recipe is for Red Chili Sugar-Coated Bacon and it’s made with applewood smoked bacon. Which is great since Oscar Mayer’s just recently sent me a few packages of applewood bacon, so I will have to give this one a try.

If this works out, I think this year I am going to give friends and family candied bacon instated of cookies. The recipe has opened my eyes to all sorts of candied bacon combinations. You could make amaretto, almond, apple, and cherry flavored bacon. Basically I believe you could use just about any flavoring you could find in a powder form.

To know if my plan will work it’s going to take some experimenting. I just hope I have time to find the powders and whip up a few test batches. I will keep you posted as this story develops.