Everything should smell like bacon, even babies

11-25-2008_003Everyone said I was crazy when I suggest the idea of bacon scented perfume for women a few years ago. Well a team of British researchers have just proved I was on to something. They found that men prefer the smell of bacon over new born babies.

The whiff of a newborn was only ranked at number 18 in the poll while bacon was seventh…

I was a little shocked when I saw it was seventh and not number one but then I remembered that study was in England. The English are not known for their cooking, so maybe the bacon they smell over there is poorly cooked. That would explain it.

When I read the article the first time it made me think about a baby wrapped in bacon. Not that I want to eat a baby, but that was the image the popped in my head. While searching for an image for this post I found directions to make a bacon fleece wrap. You could use it to wrap a baby or to keep your neck warm. Its really easy to make so it can also be a last minute gift for a pork lover on your list.

I hope Justin & Dave’s (aka bacon salt guys) next big claim to fame is pork belly perfume. I guess we will just have to wait and see what goodness 2010 will hold for us.