Bacon LIVE: The New Years Eve Eve Show

On yesterdays show Sean and I shared what bacon goodness we got for Christmas. We also talked about and reviewed Pop’s Authentic Meat Snacks. I will be writing a full review next week. You maybe surprised to know which ones we ended up liking the most.

We also hinted about next year being the year of contest. Stay tuned for more contest details as they become available. I have a lot of great things to give away. I just need to think of a good easy contest. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Bacon LIVE 060:
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Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • Right off, Mr. Baconpants let us know about the new Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets! I can’t wait to get some of those. Today I had a Frostyccino. Pretty damn good!
  • Mr. Baconpants and Sean got a couple great bacon-related Christmas gifts. You’ll need to watch the show to get more info. I got a Jingle-Bells singing pig that poops candy. It was pretty awesome, but it would have been more awesome if it pooped bacon.
  • Mr. Baconpants and Sean both discussed their hate of birthday cake. That’s why I always demand chocolate zuccini cake with chocolate butter-cream-cheese frosting for my birthdays. It’s good.
  • Sean brought up a Bacon Dessert Cookoff! Create a prize-winning bacon dessert and submit them to The deadline is January 11th! See soon for more details.
  • You’ll need to catch the show for the news bit about Kentucky Fried Dog in bacon-grease and other animal cruelty issues.
  • At 28 minutes in, we finally get to see the meat sticks! They’re about average for length but they look a lot thicker than your average beef sticks! These are hand-made artisan meat sticks!
  • January will be the Mr. Baconpants month of giveaways, so some lucky reader will get a pack of meat sticks!
  • Read the rest of Aaron’s notes here.

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Pop’s Authentic supplied the meat sticks that were reviewed on this show free of charge. This is a good thing because if I had to buy everything I reviewed on the show I would be broke. Read my disclosure policy for more information.