Bacon LIVE: The Christmas Eve Eve Show

Last night on Bacon LIVE Sean and I reviewed Sausage that he found at the Dollar Tree. It was Pork and Bacon Sausage by Farmland. It was surprisingly good but it would never replace real bacon on our breakfast table. We also talked about a bunch of other great things to but your going to have to watch or read Aaron’s show notes.

Bacon LIVE 059:
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Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • On today’s show, Mr. Baconpants and Sean are reviewing sausa..WHAT? Sausage links! Welcome to Sausage-LIVE! Sean found these FREAKIN’ AMAZING PORK AND BACON SAUSAGES! Awesome.
  • Recipe from Mr. Baconpants:
    Buy a cheap steak; the cheapest you can find. Get your meat tenderizer and beat the hell out of it. Wrap things in the flat steak and cook them.
  • Sean also recommends Wedding Soiup. It has noodle balls and spinach and stuff. No, it doesn’t exist in any other state. We don’t have soup in Texas, only chili, no beans.
  • Sean let us know that Mr. Bumbles the bacon-eating skunk is now in a horrible zoo where he’s only fed high-fiber food and is forced to exercise twice a day. Poor Mr. Bumbles. Let him eat bacon!
  • Mr. Baconpants let us all know of a new word: Flexitarian. What’s up with that?
    Flexitarianism (AKA semi-vegetarian) are people who eat mostly vegetarian foods, but sometimes thrown in a double-bacon cheeseburger There is no limit to how much meat a Flexitarian can eat, so they’re NORMAL GODDAMN PEOPLE. You don’t need a retarded name for yourselves other than NORMAL. WTF!?!
  • The guys were talking about doing a Food show and brought up Giada, the big-headed chick. Her head reminds me of those BratZ dolls, all slutty with a GIANT f’ing head.
  • Read the all of Aaron’s notes at I <3 Bacon Salt

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