Bacon LIVE: Sean and I disagree about J&D’s New Bacon POP

On this week’s show Sean and I review J&D’s Bacon POP. I thought it had the perfect amount of bacon flavor but Sean thought differently. I plan to write a full review next week, but you can watch the show to find out what we both think about it.

I am also trying to bring back the MP3 version of the show back. I know a few people like to listen to the show at work and on their iPods. Once I figure out how to fix this I will go back and add it to all the past shows. Hang in there.

Bacon LIVE 057:
I am still hard at work trying to bring back the MP3 version of the show.
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Show notes by Aaron Tucker:

  • Today, Mr. Baconpants and Sean started the show discussing the new Oscar Mayer thick-cut applewood smoked bacon. It’s decent bacon and it’s not too expensive!
  • Our hosts tried to find a retro bacon commercial, but had some serious technical difficulties. Youtube has let us down once again.
  • Our hosts brought up the Mountain Products Smokehouse many flavors of wonderful bacon, but it’s so hard to get it when you need it, so be sure to search your stores for new bacon. If they don’t have what you want, fill out a customer product request! Stores actually take these little slips of paper seriously most of the time.
  • Sean brought up cooking a slab of bacon. Just steam the whole thing or roast it in the oven! You could marinate it in all kinds of things and invent the next great bacon recipe!
  • Read the rest of Aaron’s show notes here!

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