The Perfect Headphones for Bacon Lovers

pig_earphonesRecently I was in the market for some headphones and at the time I didn’t find any that matched my brand. I ended up settling for a black pair of Skullcandy ear buds. They sound really good, but they are not what you would expect a bacon loving blogger to wear.

A Japanese accessory maker called Greenhouse has made the perfect ear buds. They are called “buta”, which is Japanese for piggy. Looking around online I found a few lucky people that own a pair and they say they are pretty nice. I am sure they’re better than the ones that come with most iPods and iPhones.

The Piggy ear buds are only 15 bucks and come in five flavors: black, pink, white, orange, and purple. The only problem is they are only sold in Japan and as of right now no US store is selling them.

A few places that I checked are Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U and Rinkya. It looks like Rinkya is the only option but I’ve never used them before. I do know someone that lives in Japan, maybe I can talk him into sending me a pair but that still doesn’t help you.

The perfect headphones for bacon lovers are so close but yet so far away. Come on, Wal-Mart, get with this and start selling these things!