Every bacon lover needs J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dip

baconranch Last month sometime Dave sent me a sample of J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix. He told me that this was one of their best ideas and it tasted amazing. For some reason I took me weeks to finally go to the store and buy the two things I needed to make it, sour cream and Mayonnaise. It may seem simple but I never use sour cream or Mayonnaise (other than Baconnaise), so I kept forgetting to buy them every time I went to the store.

Well last night I finally got everything I needed to make the Bacon Ranch Dip. If you made dips from a packet before you know what to do here. Whip everything together in a bowl and let it sit for 2 hours. The dressing is just as simple but it uses buttermilk.

After the two hours I grabbed a bag of Ruffles and starting dipping. The first bit was intense; you tasted the normal dip/dressing flavor first then the smoky flavor creeps in later. Sean called it a nuclear explosion of bacon in your mouth. I would have to agree.

What makes this so amazing is you just don’t taste smoke, you also taste meat. Not sure how they did it since its vegetarian, but you really can’t tell. Most bacon flavored products only capture the smoky flavors and miss the meat flavors.

If you’re a bacon lover or you’re going to a party where bacon lovers will be, then you need to try J&D’s Bacon Ranch. It’s only 2.99 for a one pack, which is the going rate for dip mixes. If you make the dip it will make about 2 cups of heaven. Which should be enough for normal party goes. If you’re making it for bacon lovers you better make a double batch. Sean and I couldn’t stop eating it once we started.

Dave, you where right this is the best bacon product ever (other than real bacon).