Cooking Bacon in a Waffle Iron

Today Serious Eats featured a video of Alton Brown cooking bacon in a waffle iron. This is a great tip because the times I had a waffle iron I only dragged it out once a year (if I was lucky). If I would have known you could cook bacon in it that would have been a different story.

The waffle iron bacon cooking starts at 3:20 minutes. Check out the post at Serious Eats for more information and photos.

Seeing this clip makes me wish I saw the whole episode. The rant in the beginning about mass-produced bacon and “real” bacon sounds like something I would say. I am always telling people to stay away from bottom shelf bacon. He also says thick cut bacon is manlier, which sounds like something that came out Bacon LIVE.

Alton Brown is one of my favorite food network foodies and this clip reinforces that. The man respects good bacon and I can respect that.