Bacon LIVE: You’re Bacon Me Crazy

On this week’s show Sean and I interviewed the man behind the Wendy’s @UrBaconMeCrazy twitter account. His name is Billy and he loves bacon. He also gave us some insight on the Biggest Bacon Lover Hunt that Wendy’s is doing. You can find more information about it in this Ad Week post. It features yours truly as a bacon authority!

Also after the video bellow you will find a list of just about everything we talked about. Since Sean and I are both too lazy to do this we can’t take credit for it. Aaron from I <3 Bacon Salt is going to start writing show notes for every show he can. I am still going to do my short ones at the top but I am going to post his too. Be sure to enjoy the new show notes and thank Aaron next time you see him in the chat room.

Bacon LIVE 055:
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Show notes by I <3 Bacon Salt:

  • Today’s show had more users than ever before! At half way, it was at 44
    viewers on USTREAM!
  • @urbaconmecrazy (Billy) was a guest on the show and told about his #bacon
    adventures over the last three days since the Wendy’s $2000 bacon contest
  • Billy has actually requested that Wendy’s make a cup for your Frosty that has an extra slot to hold French-fries for easy dipping!
  • Sean brought up an interesting idea for pumpkin pancakes with BACON!
  • Mr. Baconpants talked about the upcoming J&D Foods Mmmmmvelopes and BaconPop popcorn!
  • Both hosts talked some about the $5.01 crap from Arby’s.
  • Best quality hamburger in Pittsburgh was discussed.
  • Sean said great things about the Taco Bell Blackjack Taco. (Aaron: It’s just a black
    taco, and Taco Bell still sucks.)
  • At the end of the show, the hot dog toaster was brought up. It’ll warm up two dogs
    and two buns for only $19.99. (Aaron: Just use the damn microwave.)

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