Wendy’s Sets the New Standard for Fast Bacon

newbacon The one thing I hate more than tofu bacon is low quality and poorly prepared “real” bacon. This fact caused me to hate “Ready Bacon” and more importantly fast-food bacon. I found them both to have a cheap smoke injected flavor or no flavor at all.

This inspired me to create the Bacon Boycott list. On the list you will find all forms of microwave bacon (Ready Bacon) and most fast-food restaurants. My hope was, if I could bring attention to the fact that they are selling low quality bacon, they would be force to change it. Well that is just what happened.

The first to change was McDonalds with their Bacon Angus; you can see the review here. Their new bacon removed them from the Bacon Boycott list. This caused their sales to sky rocket with the bacon loving community. Others chains noticed this and quickly got to work on their own new bacon.

This brings me to Wendy’s.

When I was growing up Wendy’s was my favorite fast-food place, but as I got older that started to waver. Not because I started to hate their food, but because they severed flavorless chewy bacon. My love for Wendy’s almost came to its end with the Baconnator fiasco. Lucky for them I still enjoyed their Spicy Chicken sandwich.

Over the past few months I have voiced my concern over the Wendy’s bacon situation. I even put them at the top of my Bacon Boycott List.

Well they took notice and recently called to let me know they have new bacon on the market. It started off with their breakfast and has now moved to all there burgers with bacon. This means I need to give the Baconnator a second chance.

Instead of selling flavorless chewy bacon, they are now selling Applewood Smoke bacon cooked crispy. Sean and I recently tried the new bacon on Bacon LIVE. We found it to be a big improvement over the old bacon. It has a good bacon flavor and is cooked crispy, but not over done.

The new Applewood Smoked bacon has moved Wendy’s to the top of a new list, the Best Fast-food Bacon List. Wendy’s has dethroned McDonalds and now sets the new standard for what fast-food bacon should be.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this new bacon is amazing. I am just saying that it’s good for what you can expect from fast-food. I would even go as far to say its better then “Ready Bacon” and cheap store brand bacon.

If you want to try the new Wendy’s bacon before you commit to eating a Baconnator you’re in luck. Wendy’s is now selling bacon as a side item. That means you can now add it to anything on the menu. I can’t wait to try a Spicy Chicken Breast with Applewood Smoked bacon!