Talking Bacon on Pittsburgh Business Radio

bacon-05 Last Tuesday (October 6th) I was on the Tech Vibe radio show on WMNY (1360 AM). Audrey Russo (a vegetarian) and Jonathan Kersting (a bacon lover) had me on the show to talk about the business of blogging and my new projects, Startup Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Observer.

The interview went well but as you would expect bacon took over the show. Even after I was off the air the next guess ended up talking about bacon. This proves that even radio is better with bacon.

Listen or download my segment of the show below:
Download the MP3

Jonathan also whipped up a little behind the sense video of Audrey and I having a heated discussion about fake bacon. I told her that tofu bacon is more offensive to me than turkey bacon. She seemed to enjoy my love of bacon so I think we are still friends.

I love the fact that even when I do projects that have nothing to do with bacon, people still look at me as the bacon guy. I am a living billboard for bacon (and pork) I guess. I wonder when the National Pork Board is going to put me on the payroll.