Handmade Bacon Potato Chips

bacon-chips Who’s Your Daddy (yes that really is the company name) was nice enough to send me some of their homemade bacon potato chips to try. If you watch Bacon LIVE, you will know that Sean and I both loved them. It was the first bacon flavor snack food that tasted like real bacon.

The chips had a smoking flavor that made me think of BBQ at first. Then the more I ate, the more the meat (or bacon) flavor came though. By then end of the bag Sean and I both agreed that would enjoy eating these again. Sean was also quick to point out that the crumb or chips and bacon at the bottom of the bag would make a great pizza (or anything) topping.

After enjoying the chips I went to my trusty internets learned all I could about this “Who’s You Daddy” company. To my surprise the chips were not made by a bacon lover, but a potato lover. Bill Horst, creator of the bacon chip, is really the Potato King! I am not even kidding this is a quote from his website:

As a college kid I loved two things: sailing, and cooking potatoes for me and my roommates. Although my potato cooking passion had earned me the title of “Potato King,” I never imagined it would someday turn into a full-time occupation

The man has a passion for potatoes and it really shows in the chips. They are crispy and have a great flavor on their own. Lucky for us Bill (or should I say the Potato King) has a love of bacon too.

He thought that combining bacon with chips was going to be a crazy idea, but it turned out to be a crazy good one. To make the chips he created a preparatory seasoning that includes real bacon, so this is not just Bacon Salt on homemade chips. He then started to sell them on the streets of San Francisco and people went crazy for them. It’s been reported that even a few vegetarians have been seen eating the bacon chips.

Just look at the photos bellow and you can see just how good these chips look:

You can buy the chips and learn more about the story behind them at BaconPotatoChips.com. I am still not sold on the name “Who’s Your Daddy”(you would think it would be “Potato King”) but with chips this good I can look past that.