Bacon LIVE: Wendy’s New Bacon

On today’s show Sean and I tried out the new Wendy’s Applewood Smoked Bacon. We each ate a New Bacon Deluxe live on the air. We found that the bacon has improved, but the sandwich itself was poorly constructed. Just watch the show and see what I mean.

I plan to write up a full review of the bacon and the sandwich later this week. Next week I am going to get the improved Baconnator and do a video review of it for youtube. Yes thats right, the Baconnator also has the new Applewood bacon on it.

Watch the show and find out if Wendy’s is off the Bacon Boycott list.

Bacon LIVE 051:
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This weekend keep a lookout for a new contest. I think I am going to photoshop a funny photo and you guys will have to think of a good caption. Sean and I will then pick 5 winners. More details are coming soon.

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