Bacon LIVE: We Do Not Have H1N1

One this week’s show you can listen to Sean and I cough and sniffle for a whole hour! You will also get to see Sean’s new viral video “Boner Ghost”. We also had a fun time looking up our last names in the Urban Dictionary. Oh and we talked about bacon too.

During the show I did a review of two different types of bacon lip balm and bacon soap. I would tell you more but then you wouldn’t have a reason to watch the show. Also I will be writing full reviews of these products in the coming weeks.

Bacon LIVE 053:
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This just in. Sean and I are both out of the Das Foods Man Bait Lolli. I am letting you know because if next week I am in a bad mood it’s because I am going thought withdraws. I am not sure how long I can go without one.

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