Bacon LIVE: Internet FAIL

The beauty of recording a live show on the internet is, if you internet provider fails so does your show. Near the end of Bacon LIVE something happened and I lost my internet connection. This means that we didn’t get to cover all the bacon goodness we wanted to. Maybe next week.

Pre internet fail, Sean and I tried Bacon Potato Chips and Mountain Products Smokehouse Garlic Bacon. The bacon chips had a smoky BBQ flavor and a nice homemade crunch. If you are a bacon and chip lover you can’t go wrong with them. The Garlic bacon had a nice flavor which reminded us of sausage. We felt that this would be a great bacon to cook with but not good breakfast bacon. You wouldn’t want garlic breath to start your day.

Bacon LIVE 052:
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Watch or listen the rest of the show to hear about a recipe that would be perfect with the garlic bacon. Also enjoy the sudden end of the show had when the internet was…

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