Bacon LIVE: Cute Animals Eating Food

On last week’s show Sean and I talk about the “Nom Nom Nom” meme where people post videos of cute animals eating food. I then got the idea to do the same thing but I want to show videos of Sean eating food instead. I know, it’s an amazing idea… right?

We also sampled the Bacon Salt Sunflower Seeds. Sean and I are both not big fans of seeds but we both thought they tasted fine. When we tried the original Bacon Salt we found that the seeds had a milder flavor. Watch or Listen to the show to see what I mean.

Bacon LIVE 048:
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In the next few days it’s going to look like Bacon LIVE is taking over the website. That’s because I fell behind on posting show notes and I want to fix that. So you’re going to see this week’s show notes on Monday. I am then going to start posting the show notes right after each show. That way you will get the newest shows faster.

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