Pittsburgh Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour Recap

bacon-tour-796386 Last weekend was the Pittsburgh Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour (BRBT) at the Harris Grill. Over 75 bacon lovers attended the event and consumed over 250 pounds of bacon. I would like to thank Vande Rose Farms and Iowa Farm Families for supplying some great bacon for the event.

The Harris Grill created a well executed menu for the event, everything tasted amazing. Coco’s Bacon Cupcake was also a big hit! Greg, a long time bacon lover and reader of this blog, brought his creation he calls The “Pittsburgh Penetrator”. It’s his version of the Bacon Explosion made with Kielbasi. If you left the BRBT still hungry it was your own fault.

The Three Rivers Underground Brewers (TRUB) showed up to share some of their brew with everyone. My favorite was the Maple ESB. It was the perfect paring with the bacon. Everyone loves maple syrup on bacon… right?

I think the highlight of the day was the bacon eating competition. Who could eat the most or finish 3 pounds of bacon (weighed pre-cooked) in three minutes. Sadly I forgot the winners name; he was a competitive eater that heard about the event online. He ate the whole 3 pounds plus whatever the people to his right and left didn’t finish. It was an amazing feat to watch. Our own Sean Brett entered the contest but had a poor showing, only eating what looked like a pound and a half. Maybe next year he will be more prepared.

The BRBT in Pittsburgh was a success! I met a lot of great bacon lovers, drank a lot of beer, and ate a lot of bacon. I can’t wait to do it all again next year. The Harris Grill and I are already thinking about a new menu and I am sure I can get TRUB on board again too.

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Photos of the Event:

Thank you to everyone that supported this event. If you recapped the event and you’re not on this list let me know. I am also looking for more photos and video of the event to add to this post.

Photos Taken by Heather Lauer, Arron Tucker, and AJ Doyle.