Harris Grill’s New Bacon Wings


This Tuesday I went to the Harris Grill for their weekly Bacon Night to promote the hell out of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour. While I was busy handing a stack of fliers to one of the owners to stick in the check holders, I decided to place an order for Bacon Wings.

Bacon Wings are what replaced Chicken Fried Bacon on the summer menu. The owners thought that Chicken Fried Bacon would be to “heavy” for the summer. I would have to disagree, but I don’t own the Harris Grill.

Bacon Wings
Oh yes, yes we did. Wings of chicken, gently fried until crispy, then dry rubbed with a special seasoning blend that’s as kosher as it is vegan. $6.42 we recommend ranch, of course, and unlike the economic stimulus package, this contains no pork at all.

When the waiter placed the wings in front of me, the first thing I could smell was Bacon Salt. Yes, that’s how they created the bacon wing; they simply seasoned the wings with a dry coating of Bacon Salt. If you ever had wings with Old Bay or season salt you will get the idea.

Now if you frequently watch Bacon LIVE you will know my feelings about Original Bacon Salt and how it doesn’t really taste like bacon. I think the owners (or more likely the head chef) knew that so they sprinkled some real bacon crumbs on the wings.

After eating the whole plate of wing I was surprised how much I enjoyed them. Even though they didn’t taste like bacon, they still had a really good flavor. Still, I think the bacon wing could be improved if they used Natural Bacon Salt, which Sean and I both think tastes a lot more like bacon.

If your a Bacon Lover and you happen to be at the Harris Grill you should give these a try, just don’t expect them to taste like bacon.

You will be able to eat all the Bacon Wings you want (I know I will) if you attend this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour stop at the Harris Grill.