Celebrate International Bacon Day this Saturday


This weekend is not only for Labor Day it also happens to be the weekend we celebrate International Bacon Day! We all know that National Pig (Bacon) day in the states in March 1st, but are international bacon lovers wanted their own day.

Here is what they have to say about their day:

Bacon Day is a day of Bacon… think Iron Chef but all day and the secret ingredient is Bacon. Breakfast traditionally consists of bacon waffles, with a side of bacon, and any other concoctions thought up. Throughout the day there are showings of Kevin Bacon movies and any other movies with leading roles given to pigs, e.g. Babe, Piglet’s Big Adventure. Lunch must have BLTs and there are snacks around and slices of bacon everywhere. Dinner is a fight for your food quite literally. It is more a tasting of all things bacon and everyone wants a taste. Due to the vast quantities of bacon cooked, the grill outside is the best bet. If you are invited to a Bacon Day celebration, it is traditional to bring something to eat (of course containing bacon) which can be made there if the host allows, and drink (which may or may not include bacon).

This day/event has been going strong for a while but this is the first time I am writing about it. I found out about last year and then when the day came I forgot about it. I don’t have many international bacon loving friends to remind me of such things.

Anyway this Saturday I am going to enjoy bacon as much as I can. If I feel ambitious, I may even try a few of the bacon recipes I have posted over the years. Better yet, I might try to sucker Greg in the making me a Bacon Explosion!