Barack Obama Possibly Hates “Bacon LIVE”


Is it possible that Barack Obama is secretly plotting against Mr. Baconpants? As the fans of this site know we do a weekly video podcast called “Bacon Live!” every Wednesday night at 7 pm ET. But we have been having some issues with it lately.

To broadcast our show we use a web site called This site is supposed to a way for normal people with a low or no budgets to broadcast whatever they want to the world. But here at Mr. Baconpants we have noticed that all the large news channels like CNN, NBC, and FOX have been using it to broadcast their news stories.

The problem with that is, every time something big happens, the news outlets eat up all of the bandwidth on uStream making the rest of the broadcasts crap out. This has happened to us on numerous occasions. Every time our show has been interrupted was because of Barack Obama.

The man loves to give speeches, but particularly he loves to give them on Wednesday nights at 8pm ET. That gives us about 30 to 45 minutes to do our show because the news stations start their coverage around 7:30pm.

I used to think this was all just bad luck on our part but now other things have come to light that make me believe it goes deeper than that. This past Tuesday the 15th we decided to go out and promote the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour. It tuned out that is the same day that Obama decided to come to Pittsburgh to give a speech to some union reps. This tied up traffic and made people want to just stay home, that made it hard for us to hand them flyers.

If that’s not enough proof, there is one more thing. The Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour stops in Pittsburgh on September 26th, guess what’s going on in Pittsburgh the days leading up to it… the G20 Summit. That’s right; our fair city is going to be bombarded with protesters that more than likely will destroy everything in their path, leaving a shell of a city that no one will want to be in.

Even though the summit ends on the 25th we all know that protesters don’t have anywhere to go in a hurry and will probably continue to march through the weekend.

But I think we can throw a curve ball in to the secret plans of Obama, here’s how. Next week whenever you see a protester, don’t yell at them. Instead of saying something like, “Get out of my way and go get a job you dirty hippie!” Invite them to the Bacon Tour. We would gladly accept anyone. Remember bacon does not discriminate. I believe we could settle all of our differences over a few bacon cup cakes. Let us all enjoy bacon!

By Sean Brett