Pittsburgh BRBT Bacon Eating Contest

The following is a video of the Bacon Eating Contest at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour at the Harris Grill in Pittsburgh. This video does not capture the bacon carnage that was unleashed on that day.

At the other end of the bar there was a man only known as Bob. Rumor had it that he was a competitive eater that rolled into town to consume all the bacon he could get his greasy hands on. All I know for sure is that this man can put away the bacon…over three pounds in three minutes to be exact.

If you turn your sound all the way up you can almost hear the screams of bacon being defeated by its new master… Bob.

Here are some more photos of the bacon eating contest. Just look at the grease the winner proudly wears on his face. He is a true champion.

If you have any information on Bob or his real name let me know. I would like to give him the recognition he deserves.

Photos Taken by the Harris Grill and AJ Doyle.

Pittsburgh Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour Recap

bacon-tour-796386 Last weekend was the Pittsburgh Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour (BRBT) at the Harris Grill. Over 75 bacon lovers attended the event and consumed over 250 pounds of bacon. I would like to thank Vande Rose Farms and Iowa Farm Families for supplying some great bacon for the event.

The Harris Grill created a well executed menu for the event, everything tasted amazing. Coco’s Bacon Cupcake was also a big hit! Greg, a long time bacon lover and reader of this blog, brought his creation he calls The “Pittsburgh Penetrator”. It’s his version of the Bacon Explosion made with Kielbasi. If you left the BRBT still hungry it was your own fault.

The Three Rivers Underground Brewers (TRUB) showed up to share some of their brew with everyone. My favorite was the Maple ESB. It was the perfect paring with the bacon. Everyone loves maple syrup on bacon… right?

I think the highlight of the day was the bacon eating competition. Who could eat the most or finish 3 pounds of bacon (weighed pre-cooked) in three minutes. Sadly I forgot the winners name; he was a competitive eater that heard about the event online. He ate the whole 3 pounds plus whatever the people to his right and left didn’t finish. It was an amazing feat to watch. Our own Sean Brett entered the contest but had a poor showing, only eating what looked like a pound and a half. Maybe next year he will be more prepared.

The BRBT in Pittsburgh was a success! I met a lot of great bacon lovers, drank a lot of beer, and ate a lot of bacon. I can’t wait to do it all again next year. The Harris Grill and I are already thinking about a new menu and I am sure I can get TRUB on board again too.

What people are saying about the event:

Photos of the Event:

Thank you to everyone that supported this event. If you recapped the event and you’re not on this list let me know. I am also looking for more photos and video of the event to add to this post.

Photos Taken by Heather Lauer, Arron Tucker, and AJ Doyle.

Arby’s Insults Bacon Lovers Everywhere

crap-bacon I am sure all of you have seen my video review for the Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon. My biggest complaint about it was the lack of bacon. It only had one strip of chewy tasteless bacon on it.

In the back of my mind I thought that maybe the person making it was having a bad day and made me a poor sandwich. Well I just got some troubling news on Arby’s bacon policy. Here is a direct quote from an employee:

“We take a piece of bacon and rip it in half, that’s all the bacon we can give you unless you ASK for more.”

One piece is all you get! Why are they rationing it out like that, is there a bacon shortage I don’t know about? Also, noticed how he said “unless you ASK for more”. I wonder what happens when you ask for more bacon?

“It’s $.75 for 2 more strips of bacon at the Arby’s I work at. Load it up if that’s what you like!”

Load it up if that’s what I like? I think everybody that would order the Arby’s Roastburger with Bacon would like it loaded up. Arby’s bacon policy forces you to pay an extra $1.50 for the proper amount of bacon on the sandwich. Why not just add that in to the cost and save us the trouble.

This is an insult to bacon lover’s everywhere. For them to put the bacon label on this sandwich and only have one strip of bacon on it is a disgrace. Then to add insult to injury they want you to pay for the proper amount of bacon.

No thank you Arby’s you can keep your crappy bacon. You are forever on Bacon Boycott list!

Sean Brett is a Proud Bacon Snob


As I look back on the relationship I have had with bacon in my life, I have noticed that my outlook on the amazing meat treat has changed a few times.

When I was young, around the age of 5 or 6, I loved bacon. Until I found out it came from pigs. At the time pigs were my favorite animal. The thought of one being killed and slaughtered just so I could enjoy my breakfast seemed wrong. I declared to my entire family that I would no longer eat any meat that came from a pig.

I told my dad that it wasn’t fair for a cute little piggy to lose its life and I would no longer support such a barbaric practice. The next morning my whole family gathered around the picnic table for breakfast (we were camping). My dad flopped two large pancakes on my plate. As I smother them with butter and syrup a plate of bacon stacked high was placed in the center of the table, directly in front of me. It looked so good grabbed a hand full and put it on my plate.

My dad sat down and noticed that after a whole day protesting for pig rights I was now about to consume fried pork belly. My dad said, “I thought you weren’t going to eat pig anymore.” To that I responded with, “F the pigs, bacons to damn good.” As I slammed strip after strip into my chubby face I decided there and then to change my favorite animal to something we don’t eat, the three toed sloth.

After that small waiver in my bacon faith I felt like I had to reprove myself to the bacon gods. I ate bacon at every opportunity for the next 20 years. It didn’t matter if it was good or not, as long as it was bacon. I would eat cheap fatty bacon, microwave bacon, fast food bacon, it didn’t matter.

For that reason when Jason started Mrbaconpants.com I thought it was a great idea to devote a site to something so beautiful. Then when he asked me to come aboard as a writer and co-host “Bacon Live” I was pumped. I started having dreams of being trapped in a room filled with bacon that I would have to eat my way out of, only to be greeted by Cameron Diaz at the exit holding yet another plate of bacon.

I thought my knowledge of bacon was pretty good. I soon found out I was very mistaken. There are so many different styles of bacon and bacon products my head was left spinning. Then I realized that, just like me, many bacon lovers around the world had never known anything but subpar store brand bacon.

As my eyes were opened to exactly what bacon could be, I began to look down on the lesser bacon. Before, whenever I saw the word bacon on a menu I would immediately order the item and consume it like a starving animal. But now I am more hesitant to order such items like Wendy’s Baconnator or the Arby’s Bacon Roastburger. I have even found myself, when given the choice between a bacon or sausage breakfast sandwich going with the sausage because the bacon just isn’t good enough.

If it is true that I have indeed become a bacon snob, I think it’s a good thing. If everyone started being as demanding as me when it comes to the quality of their bacon, there would be no market for the bad stuff. Companies would be forced to give the bacon loving people of the world what they really need, and that’s high quality amazing bacon. So I will say it loud: I am a bacon snob and I’m proud!

By Sean Brett

Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour in Pittsburgh


A lot of my Pittsburgh readers have been asking, “Mosley, when are you going to do a bacon event here”? Well, today I have an answer: September 26th, 2009 the Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour is making a stop at the Harris Grill on Ellsworth Ave. It will be presented by Vande Rose Farms and hosted by Heather Lauer (Bacon Unwrapped) and me (Mr. Baconpants).

Vande Rose Farms will be supplying their Artisan Dry Cured bacon so the Harris Grill can make several bacon appetizers. Iowa Farm Families will also be showing off there popular Pepper Bacon and Nitrate-Free Applewood Bacon. CoCo’s Cupcake Café will be creating a bacon cupcake to feature at the event. Also, there will be a bacon eating contest with an Original Bacon Explosion going to the winner.

This event is now over you can view the recap here!

Event Details: (full press release)

  • When: Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Where: Harris Grill
    5747 Ellsworth Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232
    (412) 362-5273
  • Tickets: $30 per person
  • Ticket Includes: admission to the event, several bacon appetizers and small plates prepared by Harris Grill featuring Vande Rose Artisan Dry Cured bacon, two beverage tickets (draft beer or well drink), and optional entry in to the bacon eating contest.
  • Menu: Bacon Pierogi, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Bacon Brittle, Bacon Wings, Bacon Sushi, Chicken Fried Bacon, Bacon Cupcake
  • Sponsors: Vande Rose Farms
    Iowa Farm Families
    Harris Grill
    CoCo’s Cupcake Café
    BBQ Addicts
    Mr. Baconpants
    Bacon Unwrapped

This event is now over you can view the recap here!

We are selling tickets though Paypal and you will need to show your ID at the door to pick up your tickets. If you have any questions just send me an email.

Help promote the event, download, print, and share this handout. Thanks!

Tickets will be held at the door under your name. ID will be required. All ticket sales are final and may not be returned or exchanged. No refunds will be issued. All tickets are valid only for the date of the event, or in the event of a postponement, cancellation or delay, the tickets are valid only for the new date of the event. If the event is rescheduled, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to ascertain the new date of the event by visiting www.BaconNation.net or www.MrBaconpants.com. Seller shall have no liability for any injury occasioned or suffered or any liability incurred as a result of Buyer traveling to, participating in, consuming food and/or drink at, or returning from any event promoted by or otherwise affiliated with Seller.

Bacon LIVE: Bacon is Good for Me

On last week’s show Sean and I premiered King Curtis’s new hit single “Bacon is Good for Me”. It has been topping the charts in a northern providence in Canada. We also talked about how much we love Justin Timberlake and Sean feels that King Curtis will never be the next JT.

If you are looking for a million dollar idea then this is the show for you. Sean shares what he thinks is the best idea ever. I am not going to tell you what it is now so you have to listen and/or watch to the show. Yes I am evil like that.

Bacon LIVE 047:
Download the MP3 or watch us on uStream.tv!

Watch LIVE Wednesdays at 7 pm EST, go to our show page for details!

Montana is Big Sky and Beer Ice Cream Country

beer-ice-cream Every night at my house after dinner I have this dilemma. Should I have a beer or a bowl of ice cream? For some reason I can never have both before bed. If I do I have trouble sleeping I think it has something to do with mixing uppers (sugar) and downers (beer). Well, I think this is all going to change soon.

Charlie Beaton, owner of Big Dipper Ice Cream in Missoula Montana, has created Cold Smoke Beer Ice Cream. That’s right its ice cream made from beer! This is not the first time Charlie has created a great ice cream flavor, he is also known for making Maple Bacon, Chipotle Chocolate and Peanut Curry ice cream.

Charlie shares his reasoning behind the ice cream.”Beer is made with malt” – as are malted milk shakes, of course – “so it was just natural to try that, and it turned out pretty good.”

The ice cream is made just like any other ice cream but with a few key ingredients added. The secret behind the ice cream is a concentrate of unfermented “wort”, the extract from barley and hops. They use the same basis that the Kettlehouse, a local micro brew, uses for their Cold Smoke Ale (a Scotch-style Ale).

Sadly, since they use per- fermented wort this will not get you drunk.

If you want to know more about Charlie, Kettlehouse, and the ice cream, be sure to read this article by Joe Nickell of the Missoulian.

Now that we know Charlie can make Maple Bacon and Beer ice cream. I hope his next step is to combine them. I would like to see a Maple Bacon Stout Ice Cream. Not sure if a stout would be the right style of beer for the job, but it rolls off the tongue well.

If you had beer or bacon beer ice cream, I would love to hear how it tastes.