World’s Largest BLT created in St. Louis


On August 9th 2009 a St. Louis community came together to create a 179.2 foot long BLT. It only took 100 volunteers an hour to create this beast. Sadly I can’t find how long it took to devour it. They used 500 pounds of bacon, 20 cases of lettuce, 50 gallons of mayo and 90 loaves of bread. You can view photos of the construction here and there is a recorded uStream feed here.

This all went down at the Iron Barley restaurant, which hosted Tomatofest that weekend. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the tomato. If you are wondering if this thing was edible, it was. It was only $5 per slice to sample the massive sammy. All money raised went to a local charity.

Reading about this make me want to try and plan something like this at this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour stop in Pittsburgh. But I think I would take it to the next level and try to make the world’s largest Bacon Explosion!