We need to Stop the Bacon Hating Propaganda


It seems the hot new thing to write about is how the food industry is killing us. Alternet.org posted an interview with Dr. David Kesslar the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. The interview is very long and repeats itself constantly, but the bottom line is that we will all die of obesity if something’s not done.

Kesslar goes on to say that the food industry knows that when you combine sugar, fat and salt it becomes an addictive drug and that’s why people overeat. Dopamines are released making the eater feel happy and want more. Then the food is advertised in an appealing manner that gives the food addict the cue to eat it.

But don’t worry if you overeat because according to Kesslar you are addicted. So I guess being fat is now a disease like alcoholism. If that’s true then we need to be more sympathetic to our fellow large citizens and provide a 12 step program for overeaters. (Not like any of them could even make it up 12 steps.)

Then the discussion turns to government regulation and comparing your favorite McDonalds meal to tobacco. Kesslar is in favor of all food providers legally having to show the nutrition facts of everything they serve. I see a couple problems with this:

  1. This is just another form a government control that we don’t need, this isn’t Russia.
  2. If we are truly addicted to this wonderfully fatty food then knowing the sodium content isn’t going to stop anybody from eating it.
  3. Most real restaurants with real chefs cook specials with produce they purchased that day and don’t have the time or money make accurate labels.

Then the interview gets weird because out of nowhere Arun Gupta shows up. (This is the guy who wrote “Bacon a Weapon of Mass Destruction” and has been all over the internet and printed media) The interviewer then pulls out a Mcgriddle that he apparently had been hiding somewhere.

Then they talk about it like it just hit the market yesterday and we’re all supposed to be shocked that it contains sugar and fat. Gupta goes on to slam bacon yet again and then calls the U.S. Government basically drug dealers for helping out the farming industry and getting people hooked on bad food. He says the Government should have stayed out of it and we would have been better off, but he’s ok with the Government poking its nose in if it’s to enforce things he agrees with, like labeling food and banning advertising towards children. (which is ridiculous, because if your kid sees a commercial for fudge covered lard and you can’t say no then that’s a parenting issue not a Government issue.)

The real reason fat laden food exists is because that’s what people want. People know this stuff isn’t good for them and they have the right not eat it if they choose. And by writing story after story about how it’s the companies fault and not the consumers you are giving people a pass to blame their obesity on the restaurants when it clearly falls on their shoulders. We don’t need more laws regulating the private sector. What we need is more personal responsibility. Enjoy Bacon!

By Sean Brett