Carnivore’s Dream: Grill around the Globe


Last weekend Greg Givan (a long time reader) invited me to his cookout to sample meats from six different continents. He called it, Grill around the Globe. You can see the prep for the cookout on his blog He even made a Bacon Explosion that only lasted 2 minutes after it was done. Next year he plans to make more of them.

While I was at the cookout I met one of the food writers for the Post-Gazette (that libby lib rag that published the bacon bomb op-ed) Bill Toland. He was a really nice guy so I decided to forgive the Post for its bacon hate (for now). While in conversation with Bill I found out that he planned to write about the event, so in typical blogger fashion, instead of writing a detailed post about event myself, I will just link to Bill’s news story with a summary of what I think about it. So here it goes:

Recently Bill Toland, food writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, did a story about a cookout I attended last week called Grill Around the Globe. He starts off with a short rant about people not liking globalization, but then quickly gets to the meat of the cookout. Bill shows off his journalistic credibility by finding out that Exotic Meats USA supplied the meat for the event. He also found out that a lot of the meat was farmed here in North America. This is kind of good since I was imagining a crazy poaching operation or something, and was starting to feel some guilt. So if you want to know more of the nitty-gritty about the cookout checkout Bills article.

Here is a list of the meats and what I thought about them:

  • Yak – This was the last meat on the menu that day and I was not feeling up to it. I filled up on Bacon Explosion and beer. Beth on the other hand tried it and she thought it was amazingly tender and yummy. She also was a big fan of the candied banana Greg served it on.
  • Alligator – This was like eating what looked like an overcooked scallop but had the texture of a steak. It was not chewy at all like you would think it would be. It did not taste like chicken.
  • Crocodile – You would think Alligator and Crocodile would taste the same but they are way different in flavor. It was kind of like the difference between dark and white meat in chicken.
  • Elk – I am not a fan of deer meat but this was nothing like it. It was tender and yummy. It kind of made me wish I was in a Wolf pack so I could take one of these down every night for dinner.
  • Boar – It was like eating pork with a gamey flavor to it. Again, I usually don’t like deer meat because of the gamey flavor but for some reason it added to the flavor of the pork. I really enjoyed this and I now wonder what boar bacon would taste like.
  • Llama – Sadly I was running late for the cookout and this was first on the menu. By the time I got there it was all gone, so I imagine it was amazingly good.
  • Kangaroo – I don’t know if it was because of the beer, but I can’t remember anything special about Kangaroo meat.
  • Antelope – This was in sausage links so all you could really taste was spices which were mild in flavor. It was good but nothing to get excited about.

As you can see, it was a great cookout and I hope it inspires other people to try and do the same. The only thing it was missing was boar bacon. If you know anything about these meats or have done a cookout like this please share via a comment.