Bacon LIVE: Ready Bacon is a Disgrace


On this episode of Bacon LIVE Sean thought it would be a good idea to review Sugardale’s Ready Bacon. We already knew we were going to hate it but we never officially reviewed it before. Even if Sugardale is not sold in your area we feel that this review stands true for all microwavable bacon.

Sean and I both thought that bacon was too thin and in the right light you could almost see though it. I thought the texture was like eating crispy cardboard. Also, since the flavor was added and not smoked in to the meat it had a strange taste to it. Even with all the hate we had for this bacon, it was still better then that crap Wendy’s tries to pass off as bacon.

With that said, I still couldn’t even finish all the bacon we cooked. Thankfully Sean has a cast-iron stomach and was able to force it down. We will never be eating Ready Bacon again on Bacon LIVE. It was a disgrace to bacon and we are sorry you had to see/listen to that.

Bacon LIVE 040:
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