Bacon LIVE: Baconnaise vs. Baconnaise Lite


On last week’s Bacon LIVE Sean and I tried Baconnaise, a mayonnaise like substance that taste like bacon. It’s made by the same fine folks that brought us Bacon Salt (which we reviewed last week).

We tried both the Baconnaise Regular and Lite on celery and crackers. I thought they it was good but didn’t really taste anything like bacon. I thought the “naise” was the over whelming flavor. After a few more bits I did start to taste a smoking flavor. Sean thought the same thing but had some trouble tasting the smoke. We both couldn’t stand the Lite version it has a different texture and taste compared to the regular. Watch the show and you will see our reactions when we tried the Lite.

This week we will be trying Bacon Jam from Skillet!

Bacon LIVE 042:
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