Bacon Inspired Fantasy Football Team Names


It’s that time of year again so I am sure many of you have joined a Fantasy Football League. I have and this year my team name is the Baconators. I hope that my fantasy team does not disappoint me like its namesake did. Anyway, to help you pick a good name for your own team I thought I would make a list.

Bacon Inspired Names:

  • The Baconators – This is the name I picked because to me it stands for something that’s big, intimidating, and could kill you if you’re not careful.
  • The Bacon Strips – This would be a great team name if you were a hot girl because seeing “Bacon” would make male players hungry. Then seeing it followed by “Strips” would make them think of you stripping. The combination of hunger and nudity would make them forget to bench their injured QB. You get the idea.
  • The Bacon Grease Splatters – This is a good team names since bacon grease causes intense pain when splattered. Nobody wants to mess with that.
  • The Greased Stained Paper Towels – If you use this team name its showing the other players that you like bacon but you also like to dab off the excess grease with a paper towel.
  • The Fast Food Bacons – It might be a good idea to use this team name to let your fellow players know you’re not that good at Fantasy Football. Being fast food bacon you will win a few games, but other than that your team will be a big disappointment.
  • The _________ (insert random bacon product here) – A team name like The Bacon Salts shows people that you are loyal and dedicated to bacon. It also hints that you might be just as dedicated to fantasy football.
  • The OMG Read MrBaconpants.coms – If you want to be the top player in your league this is the name you have to use. Every time your opponent logs in to their account to manage their team they will see your team and think, “Oh my god! What did I miss on Mr. Baconpants? I better go check it out right now, screw football!” Trust me, it works every time.

If you have any good team name suggestions let me know via a comment. If Team Baconators fails me the first game I may have to change the name. I wonder which one I should pick.